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Hello everyone,

I've been rewriting the ending of "Emily and Alyssa" and was wondering what kind of end you guys would like to see.

So far I have written one where Alyssa shrinks Emily and then humiliates her by putting her in her old doll house and crushing it with her tits, while Em is trapped inside.  Followed by eating her (of course).
Part of me just wants Alyssa to swallow her while she orgasms.  Or maybe to tie her up and dress her up as food and eat her bit by bit.

Oooo, or maybe Alyssa keeps her promise, gives her 4 foot tits, 10 feet tall, and a 3 foot ass.  Alyssa leaves herself at 5'10" with only one foot breasts ('only', ha).  Then when Emily either tries to get revenge or get comfort after her traumatising event.  But then Alyssa turns her to chocolate and slowly eats her alive.  Or maybe Alyssa just eats her, no chocolate involved... Hardvore?  Slurp her in by her own entrails.  Heehee

Anyway, do you guys have any ideas of how the story should end?  Any alterations you would make?  I want to hear em!


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